Monday, March 12, 2007

Hub is My Weakness

One more episode about discussions with Hub and then we’ll move on to other considerations.

The whole thing came about from a conversation I had the other day in town with an individual that used to be our H.R. lady at the place where I worked. Her retirement and my retirement have flattened the formal echelon that was in place during our working careers. We now can converse as equals. So with all things equalized, with no risk of insubordination, I wanted to ask a question that has long been haunting me.

I waited for the opportune moment then asked her if she remembered a particular time when I had applied for a job transfer and promotion. She did indeed remember it. “I felt so good about that interview,” I said. “Do you recall why I didn’t get the job?”

“Indeed I do,” she said. And so that’s when I finally got the straight goods on what happened. But before I tell you what she said I need to tell you about a conversation with Hub the day before that interview.

The evening before the interview I mentioned to Hub that there is one question that interview panels so often ask and I never know how to answer. The question – “What are your weaknesses?”

That’s when Hub explained something to me that was pretty profound. He explained that if I have weaknesses, and I am aware of those weaknesses, with that awareness I give special focused determination to those things. And in doing so they become my strengths. On the other hand if I have strengths I am aware of, these become weaknesses because they are things I do with less caution and care.

So in my conversation now with the previous H.R. lady, she said to me, “Roberta, Do you remember when the interview panel asked you to identify your weaknesses and your comeback was a convoluted, yet very profound explanation of weaknesses vs. strengths? Well, that was the discussion that lost you that job.

The interviewers were struck dumb by this accurate and unheard of concept. And at the same time, in later private discussions the Managers within that department were worried they might have difficulty staying out front of that kind of analytical mind.”

That’s what the former H.R. lady told me. So now I know. It wasn’t me after all. It was because of Hub that I lost that promotion. Hub is my weakness.

Good thing I’m retired for all time. How do you think a recruitment panel would react if I were to explain that the only weaknesses I have are the interpretations that stem from my husband’s philosophical ponderings?


Matty said...

Say what?? I'm confused.....What is the H.R. she a Holy Roller??
You mean to tell me... your weakness became your strength?,. or your strength is your weakness? is this Hub's reasoning??
Is he a politician? No?? Well, maybe he should think about it!
I'd vote for him! Why not? He doesn't make sense,,,,,,,so he'll fit right in..! he has you convinced, doesn't he?
Now, what we were pondering anyways???

Roberta S said...

matty, H.R. stands for Human Resources department or Personnel department. Yes strengths become weaknesses. For example if I know I can't remember anything (weakness a bad memory), knowing this I will take copious notes to compensate for that so on the job nothing will ever be overlooked or forgotten. As a result people will say, "Roberta never forgets anything!" But, on the other hand if I am confident I am an ace speller (awareness of a strong point), I might not bother to check my spelling and end up spelling a lot of words wrong. And people will say "Roberta's spelling is terrible." That's how the theory works.

Matty said...

Am I reading an old post?

Roberta S said...

Hi matty. Aren't you right on top of stuff? You're paying closer attention than I am. Yes, this one's been recycled.

It may happen again, though now that I know I can't get away with it -- not likely. But there's no guarantees. Reviewed my files this morning and found out my blogiversary is March 28, birth year 2003. I was surprised to learn I have written 568 blogs. I thought it would be a more than that! Still as I wipe the sweat from my labored brow...

Matty said...

Wow! Amazing! I'm wondering if I can last a year.,and you've already done 4 years.,that should break down to 1 post every 3rd day?
Where are they?

Roberta S said...

matty, 311 of my posts are gone. They were the ones on my original site 'Abbreviated Abstractions' that is now administered by Martha Stewart. I kept copies but those are the ones that are no longer on the net since Martha kicked me to the curb.

Matty said...

Oh Lord,
This could happen to me....and I want to keep my posts for my grandchildren to read one day! I think I'll print them out and keep a hard copy, just in case good ol Martha is up to her nasty tricks again.