Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Booked for Cosmetic Surgery

I worry a lot about aging but more so about the damage it is doing to my inner being than the crow’s feet and wrinkles on the surface.

This worry, I think, stems from reading a book that suggested that as we age we sit like fruit in a bowl gradually rotting from the inside out. What a depressing thought. If that is true, I must take action.

After much contemplation, I eventually became convinced that if we can prolong surface beauty through cosmetics and surgery, there must be something we can do about the inner rot. Surely if we are so adept at making the ‘look of forty’ stand still until we are well into old age, we can do something about keeping the imagination and optimism of youth stabilized within. And obviously, having given it some thought, there can be no debate over which is more critical.

Granted, although surface beauty is initially compelling it is not what attracts us to others who are sincere, considerate, respectful, and fun to be with. Beauty of face does not validate the things we most long for. It is not what draws us to others and others to us. It is not what provides the sweet, comforting relationships that make us grateful every day for those special people that are part of our lives.

So as I sit in this fruit bowl, aging, ‘rotting from the inside out’, what I want is a cosmetic routine and re-constructive surgery that hits the problem area. What I want is a salon well equipped with antidotes for the withering at the core of my being.

Maybe we can start with anointing my optimism and shaving away those errant growths of cynicism. And after that I want a profusion of emollients and balms that will keep my emotions moisturized, my feelings silken, my dreams lustrous, my hope ruddy and glowing, my appreciation of life, massaged, and I know, I know…my imagination trimmed down to a reasonable size. And after that, I’ll move to the O.R. for nipping and tucking of those ragged edges of disappointment and fear. I’ll need vacuuming of that puffy flesh of self-ego, and bypass surgery of my opinionated gut. And just below my withered breasts, an implant of tolerance and a size 42D implant of faith.

Now, bring me the mirror. How do I look?


Matty said...

You look Mahvelous! Oh, the visuals! A bowl of rotting fruit...now I'll have nightmares.
They say that beauty shines from the inside out. This is a wonderful idea, and I know the perfect place to get all this work done. It's called Church! lol.

Roberta S said...

Hi matty, I certainly appreciate that comment. You know how cosmetic surgery is...there's always the big worry no one will NOTICE, and the bigger worry that the hoped for effect will, instead, be disastrous!

But as for you, you're like so many of the younguns'. What do you want surgery for? You're perfect the way you are! :)

Anne said...

Wonderful post, wonderful! Some helpful beauty tips: exercise the mind regularly (and yes, puzzles and video games count; my personal fave are those monthly logic puzzle magazines); don't sweat the small stuff; don't put up with the negatives in your life - get rid of them; smudging ceremony and a little feng shui designing never hurt; sit in your favorite garden spot and read, read, read; find your local npr radio station, check to see when "Selected Shorts" is on and listen in regularly; yoga; and finally - dark chocolate has wonderful antioxidants, which makes it medicinal.

Pauline said...

Or turn your back on the mirror altogether, head out the door to give what you can to those who need it more than you do, and watch life itself become more beautiful...

Roberta S said...

Hi anne, you've certainly listed some enjoyable and worthwhile beauty routines. Love them all but chocolate is definitely the best anti-rotting balm of all. Only to be taken internally of course -- never rubbed on the surface of the body.

Roberta S said...

Hi pauline, a great thought so well expressed. But if anyone wants an in-depth handbook on 'healing' the debilitating rot mentioned in this post, all they need to do is concentrate on paying attention in that special way you outlined in this post.

joared said...

This inner cosmetic surgery is of the type that is of true value. The external variety is so superficial, affecting the inner only temporarily, if at all. But...a bowl of rotting fruit? Surely not! ;-)

How can we ever feel respect for ourselves or achieve respect from others for the natural process of aging, if we can't accept the changes occurring in ourselves; if we keep reinforcing the perception we must always seek the look of perpetual youth?

Roberta S said...

joared, you certainly make a wise point. Unfortunately, for many of us, myself included, wisdom, like healthy diets and excercise, is not always an easy road to follow.

Thanks for commenting. Your observation is certainly food for thought if an aging society is ever going to get back 'on track'.