Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Today’s word is ‘collusion’.

I have been far too busy the last few days to do any blogging. The two youngest grandchildren were here for a few days and so we were very busy. But I had to bake bread as well. After all, no one loves homemade bread like those two wee grandchildren. But in addition to that, Grandson thinks that the process is the joke of the century. When I am forming bread loaves, I say to Grandson. “I’m going to spank that bad bread.” And I do. It makes a loud smack and Grandson roars with glee and says, “Spank that bad bread some more, Grandma!”

Now we have oldest grandchild here and she is turning up the heat for me to make cottage cheese buns. Yeast buns filled with cottage cheese, chopped green onion, and dill filling.

And her mother (that would be Eldest Daughter) is in ‘collusion’ with her. She wants granddaughter to keep the pressure on so I will make them and then she wants her to phone as soon as they go into the oven so she can get here as soon as they come out.

It’s all collusion. Last Easter ED and family came for dinner. And when they sat down at the table, before they even filled their plates, ED rose from her chair, put her hands on her hips, and said to the other members of her family.

“What is that on the bread plate? If that is store-bought bread, and it looks like it might be…we are getting our coats and leaving right now!”

But it was homemade bread, so everyone sat tight, and ate heartily. It’s ‘collusion’, I say.

Hub just left for town. Asked me if I needed anything. I thought about needing fresh dill and green onions and how often I’ve baked bread lately. Then I thought about collusion closing in on me. The collusion of my offspring and their offspring. That’s when I said, “No, not today.”


Matty said...

I love your posts Roberta. Do you know I save you for last, just like dessert, all the more to enjoy?
It's collusion I tell you! Isn't it fun to spank that bread for that wonderful grandchild, I can hear him laughing........now I'm sure he'll remember that when he's older.....when Grandma spanked the bread just for him. Your post made me so hungry...you will just have to post a recipe one of these days for your cottage cheese buns. Sounds like something I'm willing to gain weight for.

Pauline said...

Mmmmmmm...warm homemade bread slathered with butter. Wish I'd been in collusion with your daughters - send recipe instead?

Joy Des Jardins said...

Your homemade bread sounds so good Roberta...I'm afraid I'd be just like the rest of your family....COLLUSION. Your children and grandchildren are very lucky....and they are happily reaping the benefits. 'Spank that bad bread Grandma'....that was so cute.

Roberta S said...

Hi matty, you really do flatter me (and make me smile). I should warn you however that if my blog is dessert, you might get hit with an occasional dessert with little or no sugar. I try to remain upbeat but some days I have to admit I do write crabby whining stuff.

Roberta S said...

pauline, thanks for stopping by. Here I was looking for sympathy and all I find is more collusion...from someone with melted butter dripping off their chin..no less. :)

I don't like blogging commitments, but I have been contemplating a bread recipe post, that is, if and when the inspiration strikes...

Roberta S said...

Hi joy, you make me laugh but at the same time I can't help feeling disappointed that you weren't here sitting on the edge of the table with grandson cheering me on. We would have all spanked that bad bread and laughed like silly fools together.

And what I said to pauline about sympathy and collusion..."Ditto" for you as well.