Monday, November 5, 2007

Lessons in Review

I’ve learned a few things in the past few weeks that are quite astounding that have actually stuck in my forgetful mind.

I learned from another blogger’s summary of her life-mediator’s advice that one can improve their self-esteem by crossing their “T’s higher. And that journals, in order to effect positive change, should only contain positive thoughts. So much for my “Rage” journal – the one I keep to serve as a therapeutic outlet for the impetuous thoughts that I dare not speak (or post)...

I learned from the Dalai Lama that society needs to shed the conflict created by an enduring ‘them’ and ‘us’ attitude and realize that with today’s technology we are all linked and become only ‘we’. And in realizing that we will readily understand that any act of aggression against other nations is an act that equally cuts into our own flesh.

I learned that garden dirt has something in it called ‘a happy bug’. Something that releases pleasurable endorphins that insulate our bodies from various ailments. We used to get an adequate amount from garden veggies but that is no longer so. The happy bugs are all being washed and rinsed away. Scientists say this happy bug is/was a source of immunity for children against allergies, bronchial problems, even asthma.

I’m inclined to think that such wee critters do exist. There has to be some plausible explanation for why Hub and the grandchildren become so giggly, garrulous, and gay after devouring garden carrots pulled from the soil and rubbed haphazardly on their jeans.

And then, from a science show on Intelligent Television, I learned the most surprising thing of all. That there is a relationship between the sex of the brain and the length of one’s fingers. With men, particularly, the gap between a longer ring finger and a shorter index finger, translates into the amount of male hormones present in the womb during the pre-birth of that individual.

The greater the gap the more competitive (risk takers) men are likely to be. The greater the gap, the more adept they are at science, math, and spatial-visual assessments, but at the same time they are likely to be deplete in empathy and emotional telepathy with others.

It was found that even as infants, male babies are more interested in looking at devices, while infant girls seek to look at faces.

I examined Hub’s hands and can readily see why he drives like a maniac and is so nonchalant about my emotional ups and downs. From this, I finally understand why when I cut or color my hair, Hub never notices. I now understand why I am invisible and why when my face plainly shows that my world is crumbling, Hub continues to dismantle electronic devices without distraction.

Male participants in the study admitted they have little intuition and if women expect to be understood, they need to explain in minute detail how and why they are feeling upset.

So, that’s it for this week’s lessons. These are my new convictions. I’ll cling to them for a while until they are debunked by something totally contrary which shouldn’t take long.

And so, in the meantime, if you want to see the crossbar on the “t” in “Roberta”, look up, way up – aloft, skyward.


Pauline said...

Roberta - this is a priceless post! I looked up Happy Bug and was directed here: I used to do the rub the carrot on the jeans thing as a kid and still grow and preserve many of my own vegetables.

The fellow giving me fsmall plane lying lessons has a very short index finger and a longer ring finger - he is a HUGE risk-taker (and he isn't very understanding of my fear of landings)!

I haven't a T in my name - first, last, or middle - but you can rest assured I will cross all Ts high from now on ;) As for you, self-esteem doesn't seem to be an issue.

Thanks for brightening and enlightening my day!

Matty said...

I always have flying bars over my T's....that is so interesting.

And somehow at birth,,,hubby was given the wrong hands. What about women?? I have small hands,,index finger same size as ring finger. Should I start getting headaches?

We are all linked...I was talking DNA to my son the other day and he told me if you go back far enough...that Eve was black and from Africa.

Roberta S said...

Hi, Pauline. Pleased you enjoyed the post. I feel guilty I didn't do the research to find links but I wrote this in a bit of a hurry. Thank you for doing some of the validation.

Let me know how the high-crossbar on the t's work out.

Roberta S said...

Hi matty. All your comments so interesting. Your hands indicate a high level of feminism which means that you are language articulate and that we already know.

Your brave personality therefore has nothing to do with finger-length. Must be based on the "T" factor.

I would not dispute the Eve from Africa theory because I believe evolution, creationism, and God all tie in well together.