Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dense Mammary Meditations

Only recently scientists have discovered that urban women have denser breasts than rural women and unfortunately this leads to urbanites having a higher risk of breast cancer. But my point in this discussion is not to make light of cancer, or its dire implications, but rather to discuss scientific assessments of the cause of greater breast density. This is the article that leads to today's discussion:

CTV.ca News Staff

Women who live in cities have denser breasts than those who live in suburban and rural areas, making them more likely to develop breast cancer…”

And so, out of this study has come the bigger question puzzling researchers – ‘Why is this so?’

And so, with all that academic pondering, within formula thinking, rather than common reason, they think it might be phenomena tied to higher levels of pollution, population, or greater stress, among a host of other wild guesses. And I’m left to wonder if there is any logical sense to these premises?

Meanwhile, the simple sparsely-educated mind thinks it might have to do with wearing bras. I live in the backwoods and because there are no solicitors knocking at my door, no neighbors chatting over the fence, and no one next to me peeking in my window, and no paper boys or mail man coming to my house, my tits hang loose and my bra is around here somewhere (maybe next to my teeth), but it isn’t around my chest.

And when I look in the mirror it seems to me, that when a 34B, is pointed straight at my knee, it lacks density.

Still I am as ashamed and embarrassed to be caught without my bra as I am to be caught without my teeth in my mouth, so it probably goes without saying, if I lived in the city, I’d probably have a bra on 24-7 and I’d know where my teeth are.

So I have to say, does it take a Scientist to realize that when soft pliable stretchy goods are conscientiously packed and supported, they are likely to be denser than when the same pliable goods are hanging loose, flopping around, without any support?

Just a thought…


Dick said...

One helluva thought too, Roberta! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the comments...

Roberta S said...

Gee dick. I don't know what to say but looks like you've scared everyone off.

But still, since there is only you and I here, I might as well tell you that I get the idea (though somewhat encripted) that you think I may have made a valid point. So thanks for that.

Matty said...

Roberta, He can't scare me...I've got kids!
Hmm Roberta...makes one wonder..doesn't it?
Wonder if it's the same with dick's...I mean penis's...grandson calls it a 'banana holder'. If men wear jockey shorts..or whity tighties...can this cause cancer?
Because of curious grandkids I have to wear my bra constantly...36C and cross your heart & fingers too.

Roberta S said...

OMG, matty. Could this be true? Maybe we're getting a little too academic here for our own good. Maybe we should quit while we are ahead. I never thought about this but you certainly could be right.

I laugh at your cross-hatch description of your support system. But then, you always make me laugh.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Yep, I think it's the 'pack and stack' theory Roberta.

BTW...I'd be thorougly ashamed and embarrassed to be caught without my bra too....but maybe not as badly as the people who caught me that way.

Roberta S said...

Hi joy. You know it never occurred to me that an unexpected guest might be more embarrassed than I. That's a good thought. Makes me feel better.