Monday, April 21, 2008

When the Exodus?

When will the Exodus begin?
When will manna rain from the heavens?
When will the interchange of Winter and Spring
Bring nimble representation of the switch?
When the soft warm kisses of Spring?

How much longer will curtains of gloom
Shadow Sundays and Mondays and daytime?
How much longer will arctic landscapes
Fall from the sky and plummet ground-ward?

How can Nature’s metabolism remain so anorexic?
Deficient of organic splash and temperatures
Needed for copulation of sprang grass
And tuned bird song?

Why is Spring not yet inseminated?
Why does Winter, though impotent,
Hang on to a foolish Viagarian belief
That it can seduce yet again with frosty charms?

It’s too much. This lustful beastly Winter relationship
That duplicates the unrighteous wickedness of Babylon.
And strikes those who look back into
pillars of ice.


Kate said...

I love your images in this poem. "Viagarian"! And "copulation of spring grass." That's exactly what grass does. And in the middle of summer it should be castrated!

Please come and visit Code Name Nora at her new blog written by someone named Kate!

Pauline said...

omg MOI - this is too funny!

Pauline said...

laughing at my own silly self now - I called you MOI. My apologies - it's what happens when one reads too many blogs too late at night :( This poem made me laugh out loud ROBERTA!

Roberta S said...

kate, you're right there with me. That's exactly what should happen to the grass! Pig Weeds, too!

I took a peek at your new place and am anxiously looking forward to more of your great stories. Thanks for inviting me.

Roberta S said...

Okay pauline, now be serious for once. We can't be laughing all the time. Sometimes we have to be serious...don't we?? :D

Pauline said...

Serious? Sigh. Why? Has spring come there YET?

Roberta S said...

Are you kidding, pauline? There's enough snow in my yard to completely cover a the whole country if it was properly dispersed!

But today finally the sun came out and a bit of it melted. Enough for me to get two pails of water for my houseplants because that is what they prefer and what makes them happy, happy.