Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Times

We haven’t done morning conversations for a very long time. So that is what is on today’s agenda. Maybe you had to ‘be there’ – maybe not. But regardless this is what took place at today’s regular Mind Expansion Seminar.

[The kitchen television is on while Hub and I are having morning coffee. Neither is paying any attention to the kitchen TV. But when an ad comes on for a concert by ‘RealBigSea’ 'GreatBigSea', we both look and listen. Then we look at each other, smile, even chuckle a bit, and suddenly realize it is a Good Day.]

Not-so-silly Roberta: You know, Hub, that is one Band that will always be popular and well loved. And I don’t think it has as much to do with the music as how they look. Look at them – smiling, hopping happily while they sing—having a really Good Time.

Silly Hub: That is certainly true, Roberta. I know all about it. People are truly drawn to anyone having a good time. And I guess it’s time I let you know. That is why so many women are drawn to me.

Not-so-silly Roberta: How silly is that? You’re not having a good time. They should be able to see that. You are silly. Yes. But having a good time?? Not so much.

Silly Hub: I know I’m not having a good time. You know I’m not having a good time. But I am completely unable to convince others I’m not having a good time. No matter what I do, they all think and completely believe I’m having a Good Time. So you see, it isn’t my fault, the women mob me. They’re just drawn like everyone else to someone having a Good Time.

(And so, Roberta is left, as she often is after a Mind-Expansion Seminar, to ponder this new unexpected manifestation of meaning).


Crystal said...

It is Great Big Sea. Unless a new band of jolly men has been recently formed.

Roberta S said...

MD, you make me laugh -- about the 'jolly men', but I have quick-minded readers. They would have known who I meant. But still I've corrected my error.

And of course, because it is a special day for you today (although right now it is slightly after midnight), here's wishes for a Very Happy Birthday!
Luv, Mom.

jim said...

At least it WAS a mind expansion seminar!

joared said...

What does that say about other people that they think Silly Hub is having a good time? If he knows he's not having a good time, and he knows you know he's not having a good time, is it possible he just thinks other people think he's having a good time, but they really don't? Just wondering? I'm confused now.

Roberta S said...

joared, the answer is very simple. Hub has a wonderful sense of humor and he is 'a silly' who is joking again and not being entirely truthful when he says he is not having a good time. But yet if we subtract the somberness that comes with aging the good time is different and therefore may be defined in a different way.

I better stop while I'm ahead. I'm probably only confusing you more.

Roberta S said...

jim, I'm not sure what you meant in your comment. I hope it was something positive.

At the same time, I should explain what a "Mind Expansion Seminar" is.

Since the kids were little we have always titled any philosophical discussions at the kitchen table about friends, school, teachers, etc. -- Mind Expansion Seminars.

And so we still have them. In our house it is a tradition highly valued by ourselves and all of our family.

Julie Oakley said...

I want your husband!

Matty said...

Poor silly hub....he IS the center of the his own mind.
It's not his fault he's a magnet....for blind women

It's nice to be silly...tell him you'll have to carry a big stick and fight the mob off...after all you saw him first.

jim said...

Roberta, my comment was meant positively, for me such encounters, any, all meetings of minds contain potentials for depth, had one time to dig into them. Often the depth is different for each mind meeting, different aspects of life, personality, psychology, etc.

For instance, he is not having fun but he thinks they think he is having fun, and he likes that for it makes him popular..NOW, for me, I will admit to remembering my own youth when I was pleased to be thought I was something I was not so much of, that then says something about me that may or may not be universal to this or that degree. I am saying too, this becomes about me, not hubby, what he might actually and really be doing with the statement/realization he voiced, only he can say, but for me, it opens this space for me to enter and look around. Mind expansion, and I think it is positive, not for everyone, and not if you don't have time for it at any given opportunity.

I treasure each encounter as somehow a valuable asset, to have a signif other to enjoy such things with is wonderful, of course, one has to hang on to priorities.

You reminded me of marriage, and tho I am not, I could enjoy being, it is a type of wealth.

Roberta S said...

matty, I love your comment. You definitely understand me, my sense of humor, and the things I write.

Kindred minds, pretty much.

Roberta S said...

my god, julie. Not another one shoving their way in here...looking for a Good Time!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Along with those Mind Expanding Moments often come Mind Expanding Meltdowns....that would most likely be me. Once again you stir the waters with your beautiful humor Roberta.

Roberta S said...

Thank you, joy. What more can I say except I'm glad you find humor in the silliness around here that makes humdrum days quite funny.

joared said...

Roberta, thank you for adding to my confusion, but as long as everybody is having a good time, including Silly Hub (though we can't be sure,) that's really all that matters.

Would that we all had more "Mind Expansion Seminars" as this has become for me. (I do hope you realize everything I've written on this post has been with an intent at humor.)

Roberta S said...

Thank you joared for that additional comment. Your friendship is uplifting and you make me smile as well.