Monday, April 28, 2008

Blogging Flu Prognosis and Diagnosis

First off, get your facemask on. Just as a simple precaution for yet another contagious disease not so fully understood.

It has been one very long, tough winter. Long enough that I have been almost driven to take some kind of mind-altering drug for the first time in my life to keep my nose and eyeballs above the high waters of depression.

But I’ve somehow struggled through with the bit of rudimentary stupidity and mild-dewed bravery that I was born with. Some say I’m depressed, but what do they know? They’re as apt to make stuff up as I am. And besides, I don’t need a diagnosis; I need a cure.

The winter battle has left me fatigued. And when I sit down to my computer there is the real threat that I might stay so long that my writing becomes too painful to read. So painful that the few readers who hap by will be saying, ‘Why doesn’t that foolish woman stop while she is ahead?’

That may even have happened already. My readers coming to a full stop before I do. That’s what seems to be happening, but so what? I’m a stubborn, opinionated soul who will clutter up any available writing space for the rest of my life just to get those backed up words that ‘anxietize’ my soul, out of my system.

I’m not one of those who loves myself enough to rigidly exercise, monitor my diet, take fitness classes, or rotate clothes at a maddening speed to keep in fashion. So likewise, I am not one to quit when quitting is preferable to me looking good.

That’s not me. No such self-discipline here. So, in accordance with who I am I’m not going to be self-disciplined with my writing either. I should probably stop but I will continue to write no matter how tough the struggle.

But there is one supportive factor that urges me on. That gives support to my situation without that being the intent. There are as many bloggers right now struggling with spring maintenance of their blogs, as there are writing joyful notes of goodwill at Christmas and loving thoughts on Feb 14th. So I think the nasty infectious web-blog flu is making its rounds like any other seasonal virus.

But in reference to that flu, let it be known. I didn’t start it. No one caught if from me even though I am NOT the author of consistently cheerful and uplifting thoughts.

Truth is, I don’t know who started it, but I don’t think I’m the only one that caught it. The painful part of the malady, not being so much what I write, as the disheartened tone with which I write it.

It’s enough to make me think that colds and measles all those other maladies labeled ‘contagious’ are not caused by transfer of micro-beasties but by an unwilling shared state of mind. It may even be possible that blog-flu is linked to the absolute expectation of climate warming. Warming that, though housed within a ruinous context, is still what I have steeled my soul for and I am most prepared for. But how can it happen while winter so arduously still threatens cancellation of the whole evil event?

I only theorize here. The origin is not fully understood. But still this blog-flu will only mend by plunging onward and upward. And as choked as you may be by reading this depressing caricature of how I feel at the moment, don’t run. This flu is dire, but it is not life threatening.

We will recover and when recovery is complete, I want you to dance around the May Day tree with me. We’ll really get into a frenzy of ecstasy, that will transport us back into the rapture of those original vague-in-memory-now, good times.

“See you later, commiserator!”


Joy Des Jardins said...

I think I've been stricken with this blog-flu bug periodically over these past months Roberta. It doesn't help that I'm looking out the window at rain mixed with snow right now. Big flakes of snow actually. This is no deterrent in getting over this flu; it only fuels the fire. It's bad enough when each and every one of us experiences a malaise of thought...a drought of word. But to add the distemper of the climates crashing down upon us, well who can blame us for being bogged down with blog-flu. But I have no fear that this too shall pass....

Pauline said...

Roberta, an honest grumble is better than relentless cheery-ness. I'm sending virtual chicken soup your way and a pat on the back for continuing to write even when the urge is to bury your head until it stops snowing! (Sending sunshine your way, too as evidenced by the pouring rain outside my window!)

joared said...

Let it be known, there are those of us afflicted with blog flu that stems from -- dare I say it -- too much sunshine and not enough rain.

Yes, Virginia, I mean, Roberta, there is a place where the air is dry, the winds blow pollen and gawd only knows what other kinds of air borne invisible matter that causes eye-watering, sinus-stuffing, throat-rasping hoarseness, sneezing and repetive coughing to rid oneself of the perpetual tickle at the back of the throat. Please send rain! Please send snow!

I can hardly wait until the arrival of what many natives here dislike, but in which I rejoice -- June Gloom.

Roberta S said...

joy, thanks for that comment. It is true that weather is a big factor. But of greater benefit are your encouraging words that if I hold fast to my faith this overly-long 'word drought' will eventually pass.

If not, I will simply apply cosmetic surgery to the chaff to make it look better.

Roberta S said...

Hi pauline. Thanks for 'farming-out' the rain at your place (just to give me a much needed break). Thanks too for the delicious comforting soup and the 'atta girl'.

You make my feeble efforts feel so worthwhile.

Roberta S said...

joared, that first statement is so true. Bloggers are so much like farmers -- the weather is never right for a 'good blog'. A storm draws us to the computer where we will whine if the weather is dreary. And on the best day we are less drawn to the computer but once we get there we will whine about how we should be outside. Can't win. Not with us bloggers.

I'm whining now, but probably the whine will continue when days are too hot and lovely to be anywhere except in the garden or at the beach.

That final observation you made in your comment says it all.

the old bag said...

I'm with you. When the outsides are dreary, I have no energy or excitement to I tend not to during those times (and I tend not to do alot of other things as well). This year, spring is STILL struggling and so am I on many fronts. I'm tired of the dreariness!

Matty said...

So glad you put a name to what ails me. Now if only you could find a cure!

Roberta S said...

OB, I'm with you there. It's hard to be vigorous about anything when the weather is so disagreeable.

P.S. Maybe I should have used the word 'enthusiastic' rather than 'vigorous'.

Roberta S said...

matty, if you find a quick painless cure, let us all know. Healing is too slow in this old bod.