Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cranky and The Expert

(A bit of nothing for blog-media filler)

I was cranky yesterday but I’m not cranky anymore.

Last night I made a fresh banana crème pie. (No whipped cream – whipped cream not necessary). And before it was properly chilled Hub and I ate it all.

Hub said “It was perfect. The best crust, the best filling and I know ‘cause I’m a pie expert!”

“How could you be?” I said. “You've never baked a pie, rolled a crust, or even looked at a recipe?”

His response, “I know cause I EAT pies.”


Pauline said...

oh that makes ME a pie expert too! My favorite is whatever kind I happen to be eating at the moment.

Joy Des Jardins said...

It's pretty hard to argue with that Roberta. Now....I'm officially hungary.

Roberta S said...

Hi pauline, I'm pleased to have you in the graduating class of Pie Experts. Easy course, wasn't it?

Roberta S said...

Hi joy, I'd send you a 'virtual piece of pie' but we're fresh out. Thanks for visiting. :)