Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Returning the Brain to its Rightful Owner

Now we’re finally getting somewhere. And all I can say is, “Its bloody about time.”

First a question that is so elementary, it borders on foolishness. “Would you drive a vehicle without any brakes?” Of course you wouldn’t. None of us would.

Now the reason I am contemplating that simple thought is because researchers have found a new mechanism in the brain (scroll down the page to this headline "Public Release: 3-Apr-2007 Journal of Neuroscience") that should have been discovered long ago with the common sense realization that brakes are more important than speed. But that elementary thought was completely overlooked by experts whose plan, from the get-go, was to promote mind control rather than the braking action of self-control. So unfortunately, because of this, brain researchers were all locked in one concentration. And that concentration was to speed our understanding and acceptance of outside advice. So for the past two decades, even longer than that, we have been prodded to keep moving down blind-cornered paths that experts defined and that too often turned out to be worse than where we were when we started. i.e. dieting evolving into serious anorexia, smoking cessation evolving into bigoted intolerance of smokers, cessation of street drugs evolving into addictions to pharmaceutical drugs, etc. etc.

So it is surprising to me, that after years of research on brain manipulation (driving control), academics have never thought that a better alternative might be to find a way to allow us to choose to ‘put on the brakes’ rather than accelerate along paths outside of our own choosing. It is so not right for our thinking to be mapped out for us by others through brainwashing, self-righteous preaching, and government involvement in individual choice.

But finally, a new discovery, probably more by accident than intent gives hope that we can sidestep our dismal past. The new discovery that has scientists buzzing is the part of our brains that ‘puts on the brakes’. And hear this...the biggest promise of this new discovery is ‘self-control’.

I’m so pleased. I can’t wait until researchers get a good handle on the ‘stopping’ part of the brain. Cause then I will be able to stop procrastinating over critical stuff, stop blogging when I should be baking, stop crocheting when I should be vacuuming, and stop writing if I can’t write anything more than bloody drivel.


Matty said...

If you've got the 'inside dope' about this new discovery,,,*self-control*,,,and maybe some friends in high places,,,,,could you put in a good word for me? I could really use some of that 'self-control'. I'm one of the guinea pigs you're talking about, I've been prodded to diet, stop smoking..drinking.....I've been driving without brakes for years,,,,,no self-control whatsoever. I'm desperate......and if you can't get me some of that self-control, can I have some of those street drugs you're talking about? Maybe I won't have brakes, but I won't give a damn.

Roberta S said...

I'll keep you in mind matty. It struck me your comment is about crazy 'normalcy' for most of us. I can't even imagine what a world will be like when we all have total self-control. Probably there will be nothing to chuckle about in that kind of climate.

Pauline said...

Well now, if it's a choice between baking and blogging, let someone else bake, please. I can't come over for cake but I can come here and read :)

Where did you read the info on the brain studies?

Roberta S said...

Thanks for that question pauline. I didn't realize the hot link in this post was not working. I corrected it and it will now lead you to the article I read.

Yeh, maybe blogging should override baking -- much easier on the waistline.