Friday, September 25, 2009

Sucked in by Another Addiction; Drowning in Another Passion

Yahoo! Anybody there?

Yes, I’m still here. Not often though. Another passion has taken over with burning fervor. I keep hoping (and so does Hub), that I’m fairly close to burn out.

Some days I feel I’m very close. Other days, when the tiles are the best that tiles can be, I’m pretty sure not. But if, and when, burn-out happens, I know what I will do. I will do what I have always done since I lost the competitive spirit of my youth.

I will eventually leave. And on my day of leaving, with no real destination in mind except the comfort and familiarity of places I have known, I will tread the circular pattern of someone lost for a time in life, ambition, and spent passions, but eventually returning to the comfort of my Blog.

But right now, I’m kind of stuck where I am with this feeble excuse. I’m not often going back and forth, because one cannot go ‘back’ without first going ‘forth’. And so in the meantime, despite a heavy ‘nebula’ (Note: good Scrabble word) of guilt, I am hanging out way too much at “Word”, my pseudonym is “Keat”, and I am busy, very busy, playing Scrabble.

So if you’re missing me, like I’m missing you, come play a game or two with me. Just ask for ‘Keat’. We can drink coffee, play Scrabble, socialize, and tweet, rather than twitter. And perhaps some new word or bit of tweet will lend itself to the subject matter for a new Blog-rant.

Or, if you prefer to be helpful in another way, Hub would much appreciate any hints, or solid 2-step plans, to cure my latest out-of-control addiction before it drives him to complete distraction. Escape is complicated when one is trapped in an addiction that clutches most firmly lovers-of-words.


WheelDancer said...

I am truly a lover of words, though my fascination is more on their meaning and how they are assembled into thought than the words in their own right. Being very spelling challenged as I am, Scrabble has not been the most satisfying game but I do understand the sensual allure of plucking a word from a random assemblage of letters. Scrabble on I say but do litter the blogosphere on occasion with your delightful prose.

Roberta S said...

Thank you for that lovely 'card', wheeldancer. I won't let Hub know you told me to "Scrabble on". He might think that kind of encouragement rather unfair to him.

Alan G said...


Was over at Ronni's place clicking through her "Elder Blog" listing and your number came up!

I think it was your referral to blogger burn out that specifically got my attention. I may be approaching some stature in that area having just returned to mine for the 4th time.

I decided "journaling" was where it was at for me. When you claim that your blog is a journal like I did, then you can turn your comments off. That's a rule I made up. With journals comes that journalistic peace of mind with no fear of hurting feelings or being swayed in your opinions or beliefs.

After doing that, telling all my blogger friends 'adios', my journal lasted about four weeks, plus or minus. For whatever reason I had a rush of posts flood my brain and when they had all been skillfully entered into my new journal, I sat around most of the time wondering what my old blogger friends would have had to say about my posts. But since I had run them all off....

I suspect you will hang in there. I should have just taken a loooong break....but oh no, I had to go do the journal thing!

Anyway, I'm glad we had this little talk, I have enjoyed reading a few of your posts and will probably return if you don't put a 'block' on me. :)

Roberta S said...

hi alan, I enjoyed that little chat as well. I have to pretend I'm writing for readers (even if I haven't any), cause I tend to write pretty drab and sloppy stuff in my personal journal. Like going to town, I try to fix up a bit rather than wear my tattered jeans and mismatched socks. When I write for my blog, I try to groom what a write a wee bit for throwing out there -- even if its just to the wind.

I don't comment on other's blogs often but when I want to, I don't like being shut out. Hurts my feelings, actually.

Thank you for visiting. I found your discussion very interesting.

Scotia said...

Strange. redirects me to Doesn't look like scrabble to me. :(

Roberta S said...

Scotia, you might try a Google search for As for how to load the game, I have no idea as someone else did that for me. Hope you have better luck with this reference.

Pauline said...

My daughter and I play online Scrabble but as she's a doctoral student, days can go by between moves. I'm not online long enough to play one on one in a chat match. Give it up one day a week and come back to blogland, won't you?

Roberta S said...

Hi Pauline, my faithful friend. I know you're right of course. A day for Hub, a day for Scrabble, and of course a day to blog and chat with friends like you. I think I can do this kind of compromise.

Anonymous said...

Well it took me long enough to get here and maybe you're out of your Scrabble phase by now, but I kept clicking the "Mark Unread" button on you till I had some time myself.

Yes, it seems we go off in too many directions and can't keep up with all. Spinning's been neglected (as has my reading) since I spent 3 mos. writing hypertext. Now it's tough to get back on track.

But we go in cycles, and never abandon your weblog--or Hub!--but enjoy whatever passion drives you while it lasts.

susan @ spinning

Roberta S said...

Susan, Thanks for that comment that gives me reason to think we all share in a similar way pleasure in what we do, as well as guilt for what we don't do.

Sorry you didn't catch me for a game but I most often play in the very late hours -- ll:00 pm or later.

Meanwhile, I am becoming more optimistic about returning to blogging. I think with winter seriously setting I will have more reflective time and thus more blogging inspiration than I have right now. I expect you will too. Hope so.

joared said...

I've never played any games on the Internet. Early on when I went out on the Internet I serendipitously found the blogosphere and before I knew it had been sucked into blogging before I even knew what all was out there. I still haven't found time to explore that much. Now that I realize just how addictive anything associated with this computer can be I tend to use caution becoming involved in activities. But, if I ever decide to scrabble, I'll check to see if you're still out there.

Roberta S said...

Hi joared, nice comment. You are probably right about computers being addictive but I also have an addictive personality which doesn't help either. If you do come to the Scrabble table, better come soon -- I have a feeling that I'm going to have burn out very soon.