Monday, January 21, 2008

A Refurbished Relationship - (Part III)


Now normally I am calm and rational. I have no patience with the immaturity of drama queen’s and those that over-react at every little circumstance. But I have just had a roller-coaster ride that has left me exhausted and completely depleted.

Before Hub can spit out anything beyond, “I’m visiting…”, I am in tears and off on a tangent. And what I have to say is exceedingly angry and out-of-character as well. As out of character, as Old Dog choosing to stay home.

“Hub, I am so f---ing annoyed with you.’ I scream into the phone. ‘Do you know how worried I have been?” I slam down the phone before Hub can respond.

Immediately the phone is ringing again. It is Hub calling back of course, but I am too disturbed to answer it. Six jangling rings – then silence.

Now I find myself contemplating my day. I can’t stay angry. Not when I’m so flooded with relief that Hub is okay. Not when I am so achingly grateful to God, fate, destiny, and all the other forces of heaven and earth that the bad omens that earlier were niggling my mind were nothing more than my own wild imaginings.

For certain, Hub is in shock. I never talk to him that way. I don’t slam down phones in his ear. I don’t refuse to answer his calls. But I am glad I did. I think now he will finally remember to take his phone. But is that so good?

I’m not sure it is. If he had had his phone with him today, I would not have had these hours of crystal and emotionally-charged enlightenment of how much he means to me in every way.

NEXT POST: is the conclusion -- "Hub Returns" and "Final Thoughts"


Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh Lordy Roberta...what the heck happened? You didn't let him tell you what the problem was. Okay...I'll be back for the outcome Miss Wild Imaginings.

Pauline said...

Funny how things seem to conspire...

Can't wait to find out how the dog knew he wasn't coming home on time and so chose to stay with you...

Matty said...

I'm with you there, Roberta...that's exactly what I would have done...and then had a good cry.
I have a very vivid imagination...and would have went through hell just imagining the worst. Hub better have a good excuse! (I bet he'll never forget to take his phone again.)
Awaiting patiently!

Jayne d'Arcy said...

It was this kind of worry that made me decide to get the hubby a cell phone. He rides a bike, at night, to work. Talk about worry.

Roberta S said...

Thanks gals, for all the encouragement to continue. I so much appreciate you letting me know you were following along.

So here it comes -- the final conclusion. Hope you'll be back to discuss the outcome.

With gratefulness for friends who care,