Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Colder than Cold

Photo source: Reader’s Digest/Feb 08

How could I not share this picture, when it so how Hub and I are feeling at the moment?

Right now I would pack all my aerosol cans out on the deck and spray all the contents if I thought it would help.
I would idle every vehicle in the yard till the tank runs dry, if I could get any of them started.
I would cook on a coal and wood brushfire, if I could clear away enough snow,
without freezing my butt, to get that fire going.
I would burn tires and plastic cups.
I would dig up all arable land and pour concrete on it. Build monster buildings and hot-tar all the roofs.
I’d trade in my old car for a B-train.
I would fly from east to west every day in the biggest sonar jet to campaign for any fool if they would just ask.
I would recycle nothing.

You have your gods, and I have mine
But when it comes to Global Warming….
I’m not a Believer, I’m not an Agnostic,
I'm an Atheist.

And I’ll be drowning in my own sweat before I return to past convictions.


P.S. I don't know how cold it got last night. My digital thermometer cratered at -42 C. and it refuses to be revived.


Anonymous said...

No, yeah, we are in a desperate state of global warming. That's why it costs so much for heat in the winter and why it snowed in southern California last week.

There may be some bit of truth to the GW theory, but it doesn't really have all that much to do with our cars and hairspray. The end of the Ice Age happened without cars and hairspray, and there's really nothing that man is going to be able to do to stop major changes like this. But man, being so smug and superior, seems to want to believe that he can even cause the polar caps to melt and raise the oceans by several feet.


Roberta S said...

Good point, susan. And normally if I don't believe in something, I just let it alone.

But, I think, in today's clime, if I'm going to be with it, I have to proclaim loudly those things I refuse to believe in and adamantly insist any image, word, or thought, that represents other views (outside of my own) be torn down, never uttered, never referenced. I'm too old to know why, I'm just following along here.

You came as close to saying what I wasn't brave enough to say for fear I would spend eternity in Global Warming volcanic ash. The God of Global Warming is dead!

Joy Des Jardins said...

It's chaotic and crazy Roberta. There may be something to this Global Warming....I may be in a little denial; but I think we've all been witness to...or surely heard about some pretty incredible weather conditions...everywhere. In my little corner of the world we just had a heat wave over the past three days...in the 40's....with some rain. Tonight we're going right back down to the depths of single digits and have been having gusty winds most of the day... and we're expecting the white fluffy stuff again. My furnace just can't keep up when it dips that low, and has had a major migraine trying. I think most thermometers are rebelling...BIG TIME!

Roberta S said...

joy, thanks for the ocmment. I must whine that it is really difficult to think about practicing routines to fix Global Warming in my present circumstance.

Admittedly, it sounds like your chaotic weather is a disturbing as ours but I think we can weather it together.

You keep warm and dry amidst the chaotic weather where you are, and I'll do my level best to keep my chill-blains from gelling.

And, as for thermometers, who needs one? We know when we're cold and we know when we're hot!

brad4d said...

I don't think it is "fixing" we need as much as awareness of our effect so we can use one extreme behavior to balance with the other possibilities. "Mistakes" are the keys to alternatives.

Roberta S said...

Thanks for that comment brad4d. I don't want to be difficult but the only 'alternative' for me on this kind of deep freeze day is to deny the theory of global warming. I woke up thinking my 'mistake' was to buy into the theory when reality says it ain't so. (joking, of course).