Monday, September 3, 2007

Love on Demand & Pre-Arranged Unions

Ruled by the Sub-Conscious Mind (Part I)

There was something rather unusual about the church I went to when I was a child. When new pews were installed, the front pew was small, but as you moved down the aisle the pews got larger and larger.

My mother told me how this happened. She told me that when the pews were built, the builder used the pattern of the first pew to cut a second and the pattern of a second to cut a third. He didn’t even notice what was happening until all the pews were built. And that is when he realized that each successive pew was bigger than the previous. And so, it only made sense to line them up in order. From smallest to largest.

But what I found most surprising about the graduating seat size was how the congregation reacted. Seat-size seemed to dictate to the subconscious mind of the congregation where they should sit.

I watched them each Sunday wandering down the aisle and sorting themselves according to their particular breadth and depth and length. I also watched the small lady and the large lady that were such good friends that they always sat together, debating at length over where they should sit without easy or quick compromise. And with the installation of the new pews, they no longer sat together.

It was evident that some people entered the church with a mind to sit in the front, but though this may have been their intent, their sub-conscious mind overruled, and without even thinking about it, they moved to the seat that offered, for them, the best fit and comfort.

I tell you this little story to offer just one weak example how subconscious thinking can alter a conscious choice.

NEXT POST: "Scare Tactics" - more serious situations arise that are over-ruled by the tremendous power and authority of the subconscious mind.
…to be continued…


Matty said...

You must mean pre-arranged right/
I always sit in the back...I'm constantly worried the rev will call me up for the laying of the hands & speaking in tongues. I just don't like the attention.
Have a good week.

Roberta S said...

Hi matty. I'm grateful you pointed out that error rather than let it languish. It was only there a few moments but I am embarressed it was there at all. Thanks to you, I've fixed it now.

And with your comment, I guess I can continue my story because I have 'a reader'. And please don't hesitate to edit as well. Someone has to keep me in line when I let the story idea sweep me right away from the controls of spelling and good grammar.