Tuesday, February 13, 2007

When Old Friends Meet

Normally, it is a treat to be an observer when old friends meet. That is generally the case, but I saw two old friends who seldom rendezvous meet and greet this morning when I got up and it did nothing for me but send cold chills down my spine.

Forty below Fahrenheit and minus forty degrees Celsius met at the exact same point on the thermometer this morning. And there they were kissing and embracing, and for me, watching it happen was worse than a crime.



Pauline said...

It's all of 11 degrees here and rain/sleet/snow is falling. So - you witness the embrace of temperatures while I am privy to the mating of warm and cold. It's Valentine's Day lol.

Anonymous said...

Too cold, too cold! Brrrrrrrrr!

It's 8F here, and that's STILL too cold! Oddly, the icicles hanging from the gutter outside my office window are dripping. I'll have to see if they get longer, or shorter.

How did St. Valentine's Day come to be celebrated on such a cold day? Surely we could honor him when it's just a little warmer! *G*

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope it warms up, soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry....that was me, Roberta.

Buffy of the 8 degrees F.

Roberta S said...

pauline, my heart goes out to you. I found while visiting the coast that 'dampness' can penetrate the bones deeper than even some of our crispest coldest weather. The dampness is so not nice. Happy Valentine's to you. Stay warm, and stay dry.

Roberta S said...

Buffy, I guess St. Valentines took that old adage really seriously. "Cold hands, warm heart."

On the other hand, at least when it's cold like this we can certainly appreciate the body-warmth of 'a Valentine' to snuggle up to.

I'm not sure I wanted to hear about your balmy 8 degrees, but I'm not too offended cause summer is supposed to happen tomorrow. A drastic rise to plus 2 celsius which is melting weather for cold hands, cold hearts, and cold feet.

Happy Valentine's Day, buffy!