Saturday, February 10, 2007

Meet D.O.G.

I want you to meet D.O.G.

I am so excited today about showing you this picture that I can hardly take the time to write this. The big dog in this picture is Dough-Gee. His Christian name is “D.O.G” but it is pronounced with a slur, Dee-oh-Gee, that ends up sounding like ‘Dough-Gee.’ Dog’s mother was a basset and I think his father was a Rottweiler. Despite his overly long body and stocky crocked legs, Dog is so special because he has a sweet and mild nature that still continually astounds us.

Hub and I were shocked when Dog brought this little fellow in through the dog door early one morning. We could not imagine that anyone abandoned him but that must have been the case because after advertising and calling others in the neighborhood in order to find his owner we were finally forced to give up. But thankfully, through a local animal rescue group, Dog’s little friend was quickly adopted into a loving home. I have heard reports since then and his new owners love him to death, the way Hub and I love our Dough-Gee Dog.


Pauline said...

Just makes me want to pick them up and cuddle them...I haven't had a dog in years but oh, I do love them!

Matty said...

How could you possibly give him up? He's so adorable. Dough-gee must be a really nice dog to bring home a friend like that! I'm a dog lover! Our Hunter is almost 8 months old,,,,but his licking is driving me crazy! He's always licking us, and he's quite a big Golden Retriever for his age. I know they are very loving dogs,,but I don't like to be licked all the time.......well, maybe
Glad you're up and around.
Oh, love the new look of your blog,,,very nice pic.

Roberta S said...

I love them too pauline. Best friends and companions through highs or lows.

Roberta S said...

Hi matty. Hub said the day the little fellow left that one more day would have been one day too many. He would have had to keep him. But despite my love of dogs, a person has to consider what is practical and what is impractical. Another dog was impractical.

As for licking dogs, I don't do kisses. Hub does, but not me. And Dog does not lick except on the face.

The pic of me is actually one a sidewalk artist on the West coast did a 'few' years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Roberta,

Thanks for the opportunity to meet D.O.G. I've read about him for some time now, and it's nice to see his photograph. How cool it is that he saved the little dog! I don't know if I've ever heard a story like that before. What a kindness on his part.

I love the sidewalk artist's picture of you. It's a lovely drawing of a lovely woman. :-)


Roberta S said...

Hi Buffy. Thanks for visiting. Blogging is like real life. When I meet really special friends, I'm always anxious to introduce them to members of my family. So I was very anxious to introduce you to my Doughee-dog. I have two other dogs -- they're precious puppies as well but not as unique-looking or quite as funny as Dog.

Thanks for the personal complements as well. I'll try to not let them go to my head. :)