Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Meme and the Challenge

I’m so technically challenged that when Ample Sanity tagged me for a meme, I couldn’t find the original reference. But the clues lead me to think that to participate I can simply tell you 5 things about me that you don’t know. (this techy point doesn’t count, cause you already knew that).

But, what you probably didn’t know, and what I vowed to never confess is that ‘makin’ it up works’. I know it does. That is how I write when all I draw is a ‘blank’. That is how I got passing grades on school exams when I had no idea what the question was referring to. So I can do this meme, even though I didn’t find the protocol.

I like to think about simple, basic stuff. So now let’s go to something really basic about me that you probably didn’t know. I love potatoes, must have potatoes. At least every second day. I have not eaten, don’t call it a meal, it was just a snack without potatoes – baked potatoes, fried potatoes, big fluffy mashed, garlic, cajun, dilled, creamed or gravied. Please pass the potatoes. Now granted, maybe you already knew that, but what you didn’t know is that sometimes Hub calls me ‘Potato Head’ because I love potatoes.

Continuing…I sincerely believe I have told you everything about me you could possibly ever know because I have been blogging for four years in March. And, whatever I have failed to tell you, you no doubt picked up somewhere along the way between the lines. Because writing is like a fine rack of ribs. There’s more meat between the ribs than on the lines. Scantily buried emotions stagger between the lines, rather than on them. So what you don’t know, that I didn’t tell you, is how much I know about you, that you never told me.

And what you didn’t know is like Ample Sanity, I can’t tie a bow either. But that is no shame. Cause, I can do something better than tying a bow. I can wrap a boxed gift without taping the starting edge of the wrap to the gift.

But lastly, and most importantly, what you don’t know, and I know you don’t know, and I am so anxious to tell you is this.

“Season’s Greetings! __________ (insert significant Other spirit) bless you. Everyone!”


Matty said...

What a strange small world: we think we are so different, so unique, but no, we're not, more the same, than different.
I too love potato's,,,,,and I'm not ashamed of it,,,,call me 'couch potato',,,,,,,but don't leave left-over potato's in the fridge....I've been known to get up in the middle of the night, and eat cold boiled potato's,,,,and in the morning, I will fry them up with onions and garlic,,,,you name it, fried, mashed,,scalloped,,,baked,,,,,broiled,,,,,french fried,,,,hashed browns, latkes, cajun style,,,,Ahhh! we must be sisters!
What a wonderful tribute to the Potato!

Roberta said...

Love those potatoes! Memes too, matty. See comment over at your place.

Anonymous said...

Potatoes.....YUM!!! I'm close on your heels. The only potato I don't care for is creamed potatoes. Have you seen "Forest Gump? Forest's friend in the Army spends several scenes talking about all the ways his mother prepares shrimp. I swear we could do the same with potatoes! Matty has given us a good start.

I was talking with my son-in-law today about a favorite shrimp and corn chowder recipe. You prepare the chowder with fresh corn and shrimp and serve it over a mound of stiff mashed potatoes. I'm getting hungry just writing about it!

I have SUCH a taste for latkes. I'll have to ask Dear Husband to whip up a batch!

Okay...enough! lol Roberta, Dear Husband and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and we wish you all the best in the coming year! Buffy

Roberta said...

Nice to see you Buffy. Maybe we should label this New Year the Year of the Potatoe and that means whenever bloggers have writer's block and they need to write something, anything, -- they can write something about potatoes. And next year will be the Year of the Egg.

Whoops, I'm off on a wild rant again. Back to real time I thank you for the greeting and wish you and yours the very best of the Season and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.