Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Conversations & Sharing

This year I thought I might detour around Christmas. I couldn’t help thinking maybe gifts aren’t as important as I think they are. And conversation and sharing doesn’t seem that important either. Seems to me the only important things are the things we sock down deeper in our guts. Don’t look at me with such a questioning look? You know what they are?

Homemade pumpkin pies, golden turkey, spicy stuffing, Ceasar salad, butter tarts, etc. And you thought Christmas was about conversation and sharing. Nah. It’s not that. Can’t be. Because we come from a long tribe that don’t really share. Or even converse.

We don’t converse, cause when we talk, it’s a regular free for all. We all talk at the same time. (Hub’s family is not like this, they speak in turn, so even, after all these years, Hub finds the rabble of our conversations truly amazing). Amazing how we all huddle into an affectionate little pack, pick independent topics, and talk and talk.

And although, none lend an ear to the other’s rants, we still end up convinced we had a really special time and well satisfied that we got to ‘say’ our piece without being forced to truncate it. When, in reality, the only part of the conversation that was shared was the odd bit of wit that was too funny to be missed and so it was reiterated from one to another, like a special password, while once again handing round the chocolate truffles.

And as much as we are aware that being a good listener is a gracious act, we are an impatient lot and we know that if we listen intently to everything that anyone says, they will tell you any damn thing. Even a blow-by-blow description of a dripping tap. Just to sustain the moment and the fixation on them.

But in our huddles, where all are talking and no one is listening, the speaker has to shine. He/she has to create a special gem of conversation that is really compelling. Something that is too unique, intriguing, funny, witty, to be ignored. Participants in a group that are talking as fast as they can soon realize that only stories of the highest standard will be published. So if we share anything, the things we share are unforgettable. I think that’s why we converse the way we do. Works for us.

So ultimately, more often than not, it is the abundance of food and pleasure-releasing seratonin that give us Christmas joy. And the special opportunities we have at Christmas to eat, and laugh, and…share convers…chocolate truffles.


Matty said...

Oh my God, you speak of my family,,,,,when we get together, they all speak at the same time, and my head keeps spinning like that of the little girl on the Exorcist, back and forth, trying to pay attention to everyone, and not being able to! Everyone wants to say their piece, so a little bit here and a little bit there, and a bit of interruption when we're eating....and on and on it goes! Ah! But this xmas I plan some strategy.....I got a few idea's of some fun games from Lisa at A COMFORTER IS NOT A BEDSPREAD,,,,,,She wrote a post on 'Santa & Bruno',,,,a 'Must Read' for everyone, and I plan to have a great xmas. Will let everyone know how it goes.

Roberta said...

matty, perhaps more of us converse like this than we care to admit. After all, to some it is indicative of being a little less than civilized. But obviously you understand it.

I hope your strategies for Xmas make it one of the best ever.