Monday, January 16, 2012

Stinky, Stinky, Stink

Hub and I go into a shop in town.  Rather quiet in there.  Only a couple of clerks -- one behind the till, another washing the floor with a mop.

A smell permeates the air.  A floral, lemony, breezy, freshy smell with a kind of soapy tang.  It tingles our noses.  Maybe we unconsciously screw up our faces a bit.

With a sniffle, the clerk says, "I know.  I know.  Too much 'clean stink' in here for anyone!"

I pay for a few purchases and Hub and I go the the vehicle.  I toss my shopping bag on the console.

"What did you buy?" Hub asks

"Warm mitts and gloves," I reply.

"Oh for cryin' out loud," Hub says.  "That wasn't necessary.  There is a box of gloves and mitts in the basement."

"I know.  But for so many of them one is missing and those blue gloves I've been wearing?  Those stupid thinngs are both for the same hand.  That's why I bought new ones."

"Don't you know how to fix that?" Hub asks.

"Well, yeh, I guess.  I can wear them anyway.  Up to now that's what I've been doing but I find it annoying and uncomfortable to wear two gloves for the same hand."

Hub laughs.  "Don't you know if you turn one inside-out, it will fit the other hand?"

I sniff.  Maybe unconsciously wrinkle my nose a bit.

"Too much 'smart stink' in this vehicle for me!

So with a slightly different take that obliquely parallels what my mother used to say after a lovely meal...

That was stink enough to leave me sufficiently suffonsifized to the point where anymore would be superfluous.  


Pauline said...

ha! Frugality can be carried to extremes ;) Let Hub wear inside out gloves if he wants to - I'm with you; now and then we just have to have something that does as it should do.

Joy Des Jardins said...

This was too funny Roberta. I believe in being frugal...but I think a pair of new gloves are in order too. ~Joy

Roberta S said...

Hi Joy & Pauline, the glove-part of this story is not so much about frugal as my surprise, complete astonishment, that two gloves for the same hand is simply the result of one glove being inside-out, so when I reverse that one I now have two gloves, one for each hand, both right side out. How did I live this long and not know that right-side out, inside-out reverses gloves from one hand to the other.

The blue gloves I was wearing were knit without seams and look exactly the same on either side so at no time did it occur to me that one was simply turned wrong way round.

The astonishing part of this is to have lived this long in such a cold clime and yet I never knew that.

joared said...

I never stopped to think about that either. Works really well with gloves that have no seams. A new year and I keep learning new things.

Roberta S said...

joared, are you not surprised as I was to think that such a simple thing never invaded my brain sooner? I am particularly appalled that I didn't realize this little trick much sooner since where I live gloves are so often needed.

Mary/Nora said...

Hi, Roberta:
I've been reading you but haven't been able to leave a comment since I didn't have a blog. But now I do for nefarious reasons as you will see. I'm so glad you're still blogging and I'm still writing. Best to you from
Mary formerly known as Code Name Nora

Roberta S said...

Nora, glad to hear you are still writing. You write much too well to quit. Is your blog in business yet because for some weird reason I was unable to bring it up? I will try again at a later time.