Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Pewter Pitcher


Pauline passed the word to me from here, and so with little else to inspire me I decided to write a poem about a pewter pitcher.

But I should tell you that right now I am creating a nursery rhyme book for my 2-year old grandson and so with my mind entrenched in that arena, my poem may sound a little bit silly and a big bit juvenile.


That old gray pewter pitcher
Is what we use at tea.
But Grandma’s pewter pitcher
Is more than what you see.

The handle curves like her gentle hand
With soft and grazing touch
And overall, sweet simplicity,
Like that dear one, loved so much

And in the delicate laurel wreath
The circle of love we sustain
And in the pursed pout of the lip
Want of kisses seems so plain

And in the gloss of this holy grail
There is a fogged reflection
Fossilized blurs of yesteryear
Curves of the same connection.

(She takes it from the wooden shelf
Sets it on a cloth of lace
Then with a rough, and work-worn hand,
She waves me to my place)

Yes, there are pipkins on the shelf
More polished and more sleek
But only the pewter pitcher
Speaks a language so unique.

‘Cause Grandma’s pewter pitcher
Is more than what you see
That beautiful grey chalice,
Brings crème fraiche and love to me.


Pauline said...

Isn't it cool, the fun you can get from a photo and a few words! Your grandchildren are going to love reading your poetry book someday.

Roberta S said...

Thank you Pauline. In my childhood I could make up grand elaborate stories about pictures but over the years have pretty much lost that skill. Oh to be like you -- to saunter out of doors and find a great story in what so often appears to be the same bland landscape as yesterday. You amaze me every time I read your blog.

Thanks for visiting -- always much appreciated.

Joy Des Jardins said...

A beautiful poem Roberta...not silly at all. And I love the perfect.

Roberta S said...

Actually, Joy, the picture was from a challenge at another site to write a poem or story about it. I, like you, thought the picture was pretty special and so that is how the poem came about.

Thank you for letting me know that you enjoyed the poem -- though fiction, I ended up writing something quite truly heartfelt.