Wednesday, July 15, 2009


For the next few weeks I have houseguests from Australia and so with sightseeing, visiting, cooking, eating, socializing, etc, I will not have the luxury of blog time. But hang in there, I will get back to you very soon.

This update is to let you know all is well with me and Hub though silence may reign. In the meantime, if your looking for us, you'll probably find us in Hub's cabin having "bickies and tea".


Pauline said...

Have a marvelous time with your guests! I look forward to reading whatever bubbles up from your "silence" :)

Roberta S said...

Hi Pauline, thanks for the attendance and cheery greeting. I managed to grab a quiet moment today to scribble a thought but I expect for the next month my posts will be rather sporadic.

A special thanks for being such a loyal visiter and loyal reader. You're a grand friend.

Anonymous said...

How did the visit go, Roberta? I hope that it was long enough for you all to enjoy each other, but not so long that you were ready to see them on their way.


Roberta S said...

It was great, Buffy. I've had these same house guests before and believe me they are the easiest to have around. They fit in to our way of life seamlessly.