Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fresh Air and Sunshine

How much is too much fresh air and sunshine (FA&S)? At what level does it exceed the saturation point? Surely all things, including FA&S, for the sake of a reasonably balanced existence, should be done in moderation.

But my life has been one of excess. With all the times, as a child, that I was kicked out of classroom or house for FA&S, I think I’ve had my quota.

I still remember being shooed out of the school during recess or noon hour for FA&S. But even more vividly, I remember the emotional feeling of ultimate and indescribable rejection that this act produced. It reminded me, at a point when I was just starting to feel a calming security in place and time, that my school was not ‘my school’, my classroom was not ‘my classroom’ and my desk was not ‘my desk’. A sensation that left me feeling weakened and undermined.

And, at home, the same story. So many times, when the house felt warm, comfortable, and cozy; in fact most often when floors were fresh-waxed and the house smelled of lemon-oil and baking. And when all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book in a comfy chair, and revel in it all—my Mother would eject me from the house. On with mitts and toque and coat to get outside for some damnable FA&S.

And then later, when I eventually married, now I had to contend with Hub. He, too, was forever at it. Winter, or summer.

“Roberta, you need more FA&S. If I was pale of countenance, that’s what I needed. If I was tired or weak-kneed, that’s what I needed. If I was impatient, that’s what I needed. And even when I was too silly, too carefree, that was still what I needed.

So year in, and year out, I’ve heard it spring, fall, summer, and winter. The damnable push from almost every living contact in my life for more FA&S.

Still, I’ve remained quiet and good-natured (and obliging as well) about it. But this week was too much. My good nature had a melt down.

Earlier this week a neighbor came for coffee. And didn’t he have the audacity to tell me I need more FA&S? I bit my lip but that is when the melt-down began.

And then two days later, another neighbor, began ranting like a lunatic about warm temps and sunshine, and having finished her lengthy prelude, wound it up by saying to me, “Roberta, aren’t go going outside today to get some FA&S?”

That’s when the complete melt-down happened.

“Yes,” I said, “I am going to do that. But I’m also going to put a clothespin on my nose, and a dark tarp on my head, because although I enjoy being outside, the very last thing I need is more FA&S!”


Nora said...

Too funny, Roberta. I can emphathize with you. And then, when we wanted to go out, we may not have been allowed to. It's all a matter of control, I guess.

I wanted to tell you that I no longer have access to my blog for some reason of Google's. Something to do with taking out a Hotmail account and their switching the access to that and me forgetting what password I used. but in order to close that Hotmail account, I had to know the password to do so. When I tried to reset the PW, I met a brick wall. Very frustrating!

I'm thinking of starting a blog with another host like Word? and just using it for writing stuff.

Regardless, I'll be your faithful reader.


Pauline said...

I will meet you as they drag me kicking and screaming INTO the house :)

Roberta S said...

Nora, you are funny as well and certainly right about being compelled to stay in when we wanted to go out.

An old fellow down the road from me used to show up for coffee everytime the floors were being waxed. Ejected. No place to go.

I'm sorry you had trouble with your blogsite. Don't forget to let me know where you take up new quarters and thank you for visiting during your time of ejection from home. Hope you'll continue to do so, even when you are allowed back in. :D

Roberta S said...

Hi Pauline, I can say nothing that ever perturbs you. You always have a witty and good-humored comeback and this comment was another display of Pauline's kind of fun (chuckle).