Monday, January 19, 2009

And to You, I Bequeath....

Today all I want to do is resurrect an unexpected comment that appeared only recently on an older post about the special joys of spending time in Hub's rustic cabin. The comment was by Middle Daughter and was truly surprising to me but in a pleasant way. This is what she said:

“Mom, do you think you could tuck the cabin in my keepsake box with your bread recipes, and short stories?
Would enjoy this so much more, than your silver serving set, and fine china.”

Those words warmed my heart like a wood fire and a singing kettle.


Eleanor said...

I would feel exactly the same way, if I were in your daughter's shoes. I think I know exactly how wonderful the granary cabin is as that kind of thing is very common in these parts, too. My brother had one in our pasture, as did many other farm families that I knew during my growing up years. Of course said cabins were popular gathering spots for teenagers, but I also appreciated their more wholesome aspects. ;)

Pauline said...

there's something about keeping things simple that is so appealing it makes one wonder why we ever go the route of fine silver serving sets and fine china... and isn't it a good feeling to know your daughter recognizes this.

Roberta S said...

Thank you for that comment, Eleanor. These were not common in our area when I was a kid. The few that existed housed grandparents or the spinster aunt.

No buildings were left to despair and tumble-down if any effort would make it useable for people or animals.

In my youth, there were a few, but we always partied in the pines (whoops, did I say that out loud?)

Roberta S said...

Pauline, I just knew you would see things this way because of how you collect such simple stuff from nature and after dusting it with ink and pressing it in paper, you convert dead leaves and bush debris into the finest china and silver.

Thanks for the comment.

Pauline said...

Roberta, I think that is the most poetic compliment to my writing I've ever had. Thank you!