Friday, September 19, 2008

Shopping Lists & Minor Agitations

This morning started out with minor agitations. First off, I poured Hub a lukewarm cup of coffee, because when I made it, I forgot to switch the pot-warmer on. And then I clumsily broke the yoke on both of his breakfast eggs and scorched the toast.

And then, when Hub mentioned he needed to go into town, I started in. Hub never makes a list of what he needs. But lately, all too often, Hub goes to town for three items and comes home with two, one, and sometimes even none. Then he mutters and grumps for the rest of the day because he forgot to get much-needed items.

I understand his irritation with himself because he hates going to town as fully, utterly, and completely as I do. So, with this in mind, and although I pride myself on not being a nag, I just had to say as I went to get paper and pencil. “If you need more than two items, here’s a paper, here’s a pencil – make a list.”

And then he said, “I don’t need a list” and I said, “Yes, you need a list” and he said, “I can remember what I need” and I said, “better safe than sorry – just make a list”. And then he shoved the note paper toward me and I shoved it back to him, and it went forth and back (cause it couldn’t go back without going forth first) until he eventually gave in.

So he quickly scribbled a list and as I watched him scribble line after line, I was thinking. “Silly fool, if he needed that many items, he certainly would never remember them without that list.” Quite proud I was, of myself, that I had been so insistent.

So now as I busied myself tidying up the kitchen, Hub got his shoes and hat and left for town. As I turned to wipe the table, guess what? There was his list. I skimmed through it and this is what was written in clear evenly spaced script (Hub has excellent handwriting).

2” nails
water-softener salt
jet boat
new electric car
aircraft (jet)
new girlfriend

I wonder if I should call him on his cell just to make sure he doesn’t forget anything on his list.


Anonymous said...

This had me laughing out loud! My spouse always makes fun of my lists, esp. the "to do" ones (and we all know how those work). When we were first married I picked up one of my "to do's" and there, plunk between "sew lr drapes" and "change screens" he'd added "love husband."


Joy Des Jardins said...

Hub is a 'gem.' His list is much better than all of mine....too funny.

Pauline said...

waiting with bated breath for the sequel to this lol

Roberta S said...

hi susan. Your little anecdote made me laugh and feel a bit of an emotional choke as well. What a lovely thing to add to your list?
Thanks for sharing that with me and others passing by.

Roberta S said...

hi joy. Glad you found a chuckle here.

Roberta S said...

pauline, no literary sequel. What I will tell you is I didn't phone Hub because as much as it is annoying when he forgets necessary purchases, it is equally annoying if he buys unnecessary things.

So when he came home from town with the first 3 items, I was glad that the rest (all so totally unnecessary) had been forgotten.

shara said...

I enjoyed the list post (my husband has me make lists because it amuses him that I will doodle on just about anything, even a grocery list) and the spinning jenny ones as well - I'm all for a more natural and relaxed approach to life and agree that children are bombarded with far too much stimulation.

Matty said...

I had to laugh out loud as well. Hub has a great sense of humour. For someone who doesn't like going to town...he sure likes things with motors in them. I guess all boys like their toys.
Now you must go to town and get him exactly what he asked for...but in miniature size of course! Oh..forget the girlfriend...unless its a Barbie.

Roberta S said...

matty, that's both of us chuckling. Thank you for your comments -- must run now -- have some shopping to do. Maybe I'll tuck those miniatures in with 'his' shopping list for 'his' Xmas present.

I still have the list, because I am a hoarder and I save everything! (that amuses me).

Roberta S said...

hi shara. I appreciate you coming my way and sharing thoughts with me. I've been over to visit you and found the poems and thoughts expressed on your blog 'slowly out of a half-blue sky' totally lovely and such a pleasure to read.

I do hope you'll visit and chat with me again sometime soon and I look forward to more visits at your hq's as well.