Saturday, June 16, 2007

A New Ballroom Balcony Gown

Vacation days are fast approaching. Remember when I asked for help on how to capture the essence of being a good tourist (blog - May 26th) ? The only help I got was from my friend, matty.

She told me that among other things, I should be “loud and demanding” and do some “wild n crazy stuff”. I’m not sure if I’ll be loud and demanding, but already I’ve started with the ‘wild n crazy stuff’.

Now YD has reserved Hub and I a room in a fine hotel with a balcony. And since I don’t intend to go dining and dancing, I decided the best kind of outfit I needed was a ballroom balcony gown. So I want to show you what came out of that effort.

Now this is my original balcony gown that is now more years old than I care to confess.
It always went on holidays with me. I’ve walked beaches in this gown and lazed in campsites in cool comfort on hot, hot days. But it’s pretty much ready to cast aside. It has been mended and mended. I even borrowed fabric from the neck facing to stitch up lacerations in the cloth. But still as long as it hangs together I don’t intend to part with it.

Now about four years ago, ED (eldest daughter) gave me some wild and crazy cotton. It was a beautiful blend of mauve and brown and gold that was more defiant in challenging me to a suitable sewing project than any cloth I’ve ever had. And I knew, before I started, that matching colors and working out a flattering method for that cloth was likely to prove more than my small brain could handle. Still, I maintain that 'a chunk of cloth in the drawer does no one any good. Even a bad effort is better than no effort at all.'

So that’s when I thought, “Why not a new ballroom balcony gown?" And so, here it is.

The wild and crazy part of it is because the fabric was wide blends and bands of opposing colors, the back of my gown is gold, the front is mauve and blue. But that might be my salvation. I should be able to be arrogant and demanding in that kind of cutting-edge style.

Do you think?


Anonymous said...

I love it! There are many sides and shades to the gown, as there are to the woman.

susan @ spinning

Roberta S said...

Pleased to get that favorable comment, susan. If I chance to get a few more that gown might be moving from the balcony to downtown, through the market square, on the beach, even among dining places of the elite.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I love your new balcony gown Roberta. Of course it doesn't hurt that those are my favorite colors together. It's lovely...and I think you'll look wonderful in it.

I agree with your comment...why just the balcony? That dress can go a LOT of places.

Matty said...

That gown rocks! You just can't keep it for the balcony! Share it...wear it everywhere..I dare you....and I swear you'll be the belle of the ball! Eye's will be on you, just you. Walk boldly where nobody has gone before, walk proudly, waiter's will bow, husbands will wink, and wives will hate you. Go for it! Do yourself proud.

Matty said...

Meant to ask you...why were there lacerations in the cloth? Did he rip it off of you in a crazy fit of passion? He couldn't control his seething hunger? Not the hub...I meant the bellboy, or garcon, or poolboy? lol.
Have a wonderful time!
Please take pics for all your blogging buddies out here who don't go anywhere...we would love to see the sights through your eyes.

Roberta S said...

Hi matty, you always give me the best encouragement. And did you notice? Even if I can't be terribly demanding, this is a gown of arrogance. There is such arrogance in the cut of the sleeves, one can't look timid in this goonie. Even when my hands are not on my hips, those sleeves make it look like they usually are, or should be. Ultimately it's a look that suggests I won't take no guff from anyone.

Oh, and by the way -- the lacerations in the other goonie...well, er, uh, I hate to admit it but you can dress me up like a princess but I still walk like a cowboy. That's what broke the other dress -- bowed legs and long strides (Tee-Hee).

Pauline said...

It's lovely! Perfect for balconies and whatever else you decide to do! I've never had a balcony gown but oh, to swish around in that would be such fun!

Roberta S said...

Thank you for that lovely rather poetic thought, pauline...and indeed, it does "swish". But no one will hear that delightful 'swish' from the balcony, so I guess I may just have to 'swish' my way right downtown to the boardwalk.

esther said...

Ahh Roberta,
These balcony gowns are soooo you!

Anonymous said...

I love the fabric AND the design of your "balcony" gown, Roberta! Is the fabric a batik?

A quilting friend introduced me to batiks a number of years ago and I've become addicted to them. I've only put them in quilts so far, but now that I've seen your gown, I'm looking at my stash with new ideas in mind.

You have to share this gown with everyone, no confining it to the balcony!


joared said...

I like it, I like it! I'm always partial to blue. Just like the whole style.

joared said...

BTW thanks for your recent comment over at my place re my early employment experiences.

Roberta S said...

Hi esther, haven't seen you for a while. Nice to have you back or have you been lurking in the shadows? Thanks for the comment. And yes, you are so right -- I do love gowns.

P.S. really should start a blog you know. I think it would be really interesting.

Roberta S said...

Hi buffy. No, the fabric is not a batik, just a smooth cotton with caveman-like etchings on it. I have bought batik in small quantities to make aprons (the kind that slip over the head and tie under the arms) with potholders to match. I love the beauty and special sheen of batiks but a bit expensive for goonies. But you couldn't go wrong by making a gown out of that - if you plan to wear it beyond the balcony and if batik is what I think it is - soft, polished cotton with shimmering colors and touches of gold and sometimes silver.

Roberta S said...

joared, I really enjoyed your journal of reminisces. Thanks for visiting me. Pleased too, that you like my gown. I do think it is a flattering style for a gown because it is quite tailored, but at the same time, easy to slip on, light and airy, with no cuffs, zippers, buttons, ties, or the like to contend with.