Saturday, May 19, 2007

Trading Obligations

I’m in the livingroom at my computer, catching up on some blog reading. Hub is watching TV. He goes to the kitchen, I hear him sharpening the bread knife. Then he yells to me down the hall. “Would you like a tomato and mayo sandwich?”

“Sure,” I say, thinking how nice it would be to have something to munch on while reading blogs.

“Good,” Hub says.
“Do you mind making me one while you’re making yours?”

At the moment I have no smart comeback so I just ignore the comment. Two minutes later a carefully constructed sandwich cut into High-Tea niblets shows up on a sandwich plate on the corner of the desk.

Guess good things come to those who wait. Maybe not?

I finish my sandwich, take my plate to the kitchen, and Hub yells down the hall…“I hear the sounds of someone in the kitchen making tea.”

I was doing nothing of the kind, and had no intentions of doing so, but gee-whiz, did I have any choice?


Anonymous said...

Love it. One of those cute married moments that make it all worthwhile.

susan @ spinning

Pauline said...

Thanks - you just gave me the perfect poem for Thursday. You'll have to wait to read it though ;)

Roberta S said...

Hi susan, initially mildly annoying. But I have to love a guy from the old school, whose conversion was so slow and reluctant. I have to love a guy that will fall in line enough to prepare and waitress a sandwich. But it had to be in this convoluted way to avoid weakening the birthright of Hub's generation -- macho pride.

Roberta S said...

pauline, even before reading it, I'm grinning already. I'll be looking for it.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I find this a very sweet and tender exchange between the two of you Roberta. Those wonderful moments that grow over the years between two people that know each other very well. I love it.

Matty said...

Hub sounds like he's fun to live with. How can you possibly say No? and you both have a great sense of humour!I miss that kind of relationship.

Roberta S said...

Hi joy. This brief rant was filler, something to fill my obligation to say something, before I began to feel blog-awkward and like a blog-loiterer. I am amazed how many, like yourself, found pleasure in it. And because of that I have a renewed appreciation for Hub with all his foibles.

Roberta S said...

matty, your sense of humor, is no less than Hub's...and I do enjoy people with a sense of humor. It's the little spark that sets the world aright when it is upsidedown.