Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Don't Want New Stuff!

I think I'll just hide out here for a time. At the old place I got so tired of the spam and then my blog host told me about the new system and warned me the old system might be unstable (scare tactics are so not cool). So I felt compelled to move along to the new system but didn't bother with transferring anything. It's kind of nice to have a new page in a new journal.

And meanwhile in normal life there used to be the occasional salesman come to the door or the odd telephone caller wanting to sell something. But now there is another species to add to the list. Those companies that I've dealt with without complaint for twenty years and now they want me to check out their new options, their new package. They want me to juggle everything around and redo my contract. Like enough already. If I've dealt with you for twenty years without bitching then don't start harassing me now. Just be glad I'm hanging in there, paying the bills, and keeping my mouth shut even when the phone is down, the power is down, and although I've had both hail and wind damage to my shingles, did you see any claims coming from me. No. I just patched them up and let you off the hook.

So do you mind? If I want a new package, I'll let you know. Otherwise I'm not interested. Because no matter how fancy you wrap it, one thing I do know. If it isn't going to make more profit for you in some oblique way (through hidden or artfully disguised fees), you wouldn't be offering it to me. Would you now?


Michaela said...

Hehe I really like this entry!! It made me smile and kind of chuckle to myself..

Roberta said...

Sorry michaela, there is no grand prize money for being the first to visit me at this new location. But I still heartily appeciate the visit and glad you got a chuckle here. Don't tell Santa that I said I didn't want anything new!